All Changelogs / ElementsKit

Version 1.4.5

5 May 2020

Fix: megamenu popup issues
Fix: Url attribute added correctly in all widgets
Fix: Advanced tab, accordion, offcanvas etc popup issues fixed
Fix: Conflict fixed with the latest elementor
New: Onepage scroll module control added
Removed: elementskit.ttf file

Version 1.4.4

30 Mar 2020
  • Fix: Responsiveness fixed on woo-product-carousel widgets
  • Fix: css bug fix on popup
  • Fix: post-list widget meta date
  • Fix: Testimonial widgets imporoved style
  • Fix: CSS Improved
  • Fix: JS Improved

Version 1.4.3

30 Mar 2020
  • Fix: More secure modal
  • Fix: Removed container from blog post widgets
  • Fix: CSS Improved
  • Fix: JS Improved

Version 1.4.2

30 Mar 2020
  • Refactor: Timeline widget
  • Improved: Sticky module option
  • Fix: Widgets Improved
  • Fix: Elementor Compatability Improved
  • Fix: Megamenu bug fixed
  • Fix: Woo Product list widget mobile Compatability Improved
  • Fix: CSS Improved
  • Fix: JS Improved

Version 1.4.1

30 Mar 2020
  • New: RTL feature added
  • Fix: Latest elementor compatibility
  • Fix: WPML compatibility
  • Fix: Page list new tab issues
  • Fix: google indexing issues
  • Fix: IMG linked on image box widget
  • Fix: Popup broken issues
  • Fix: Fix theme conflict for woo widgets
  • Fix: CSS Improved
  • Fix: JS Improved

Version 1.4.0

30 Mar 2020
  • Removed unnecessary dynamic tags from widgets.
  • Fix: Compatability issues with elementor latest version
  • Fix: Excluding template files from search engines

Version 1.3.6

30 Mar 2020
  • Dark mode CSS fixed
  • Fixed admin data not saving in all deactivate mode
  • Fixed woo product img link
  • icon box button hover effect fixed
  • wpml mega-menu fixed
  • update Instagram

Version 1.3.5

30 Mar 2020
  • update woo carousel responsive issue
  • update hotspot responsive issue
  • update Instagram one column style push to the responsive breakpoint
  • add 2 notes on post grid and post tab
  • fixed header search issues
  • renamed shuffle-letters js in the config file

Version 1.3.4

30 Mar 2020
  • Fix: added reset query in the blog post widget
  • Fix: added icon from control in the search field
  • Fix: Icon box animation fixing
  • Fix: ImageLoaded js issues in image comparison and gallery widget
  • Fix: JS Improvements
  • Fix: CSS Improvements
  • New: added new URL control in the gallery widget to make each item linkable.
  • New: added new dashboard design

Version 1.3.3

30 Mar 2020
  • Update icon-box
  • Added icon from control in the search field
  • Added link control in the gallery
  • Added a control from IMG comparison,
  • Updated woo cat-list hover title color
  • Update dashboard design