All Changelogs / ElementsKit

Version: 2.0.1

14 Oct 2020

Fix: Instagram’s cache issue. Posts were not properly updated.

Version: 2.0.0

7 Oct 2020

Added: New features: “dribble-feed, facebook-feed, facebook-review, Instagram-feed, twitter-feed, Trustpilot, unfold, yelp, zoom, Unfold”
Added: Pagination to Blog Posts.
Added: Import & export system for the WidgetBuilder module.
Fix: Google Map API Script is enqueueing even it’s not enabled.
Fix: Facebook Review Broken issue.
Fix: HeaderFooter builder compatibility.

Version 1.5.8

30 Sep 2020

Added Widget builder stable version

Version 1.5.7

1 Sep 2020

Added Elementor 3.0.5 Compatibility

Version: 1.5.6

26 Aug 2020

Added elementor 3.0.1 compatibility

Version: 1.5.2

16 Jul 2020

  • From version 1.5.2 ElementsKit Pro requires a Lite version of elementskit for better performance and maintenance.  The big update is coming with lots of improvement in next update 🙂
  • Elementskit icon rendering issues fixed
  • Social-media Href duplication issues fixed
  • Minor js issue fixed for Onepage Scroll Module

Version 1.5.0

9 Jun 2020

Updated Lottie Widget
Updated Woo_Product_List
Updated Woo_Product_Carousel
Updated Nav_Menu
Updated Gallery

Added Megamenu width option

Version 1.4.8

5 May 2020

New: added Lottie Widget
New: added one page-scroll module
Tweak: Some widgets control modified
Fix: CSS Improved
Fix: JS Improved

Version 1.4.7

5 May 2020

Fix: mobile sub-menu issues fixed
Fix: CSS Improved
Fix: JS Improved

Version 1.4.6

5 May 2020

Fix: menu broken fix
Fix: CSS Improved
Fix: JS Improved